Blue flax

Linum usitatissimum - the Latin name says it all: "The most useful". Its fibers are two to three times stronger than cotton, and the oil from its seeds is rich in omgea-3 fatty acids.

From its seeds, we create a precious extract rich in Vitamin B5, minerals and proteins, which help to hydrate and protect the skin. 

Our organic flax is used in our Solid Shampoo Bar and our Hand Cream


Lavandula angustifolia, the true lavender.  Its aromatic shrubs produce evergreen leaves and characteristic pinkish-purple flowers that are adored by bees and many pollinating insects.

 Its essential oiil is known for its relaxing properties and has been used in cosmetics for centures.

Lavender brings its inspiring fragrance to our soap and Hand Cream.


Centaurea cyanus, the cornflower. Characterized by its unique blue tone, it was previously found as a weed in cornfields, but is now endangered in its natural habitat.

Its edible flowers can be used in culinary decoration and in herbal tea blends.



Ocimum sanctum, Tulsi or also known as Holy Basil is an aromatic plant native to the Indian subcontinent, where it has been revered for centuries for religious and  traditional medicine purposes.

It is used in herbal teas in Ayurveda and is a sacred plant for Hindus, and is often grown near temples.

We include Tulsi leaves in our Happy Hands soap.