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Organic Cereal Bar - Oats & Carrots

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Carrot bar: more than just a bar!

  • Just 7 ingredients

  • Made in Switzerland

  • Only 124kcal in each bar

  • No added sugar (natural fruit and vegetable sugar)

  • No palm oil or aspartame

A veritable taste explosion! Discover the new generation of healthy bars!

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A healthy snack for people who care about their food !

Looking for a quick snack, but without added sugar in it? We’ve got you covered: the Zollinger oat cereal bar, cinnamon-orange-carrot flavour!

Savour the deliciousness of the  soothing flavours during your afternoon break, or right before a sports session.

Ideal for those who prefer natural foods.

Our bar is soft and flavoursome. It is made up of 46% Swiss oat grains rich in fibre. They’re really good for the digestive system, especially your intestinal micro-bacteria. The prebiotics will nourish the good bacteria (probiotic) in your intestine. 

The oat grains also contain phosphorus, manganese, magnesium, iron, selenium, vitamin B1, zinc, and copper. Natural wealth!

We’ve also added these to the recipe:

  • Sunflower oil, known for its high vitamin E content

  • Cinnamon, acclaimed for its anti-oxidant benefits, contributing to the normal functioning of the immune system.

  • Orange oil, because it tastes great!

The dried raisins, carrot juice and apple juice deliver some natural sugar.

Our Carrot Bar is both delicious and good for you, as it is packed with great nutrients. At just 124 kcal per bar, it is perfect for all diet regimes, an afternoon snack, or perhaps during a hike. It contains no added sugar – just the sweetness of the fruits and vegetables in it.

Yes, our bar is indeed organic! Our mission is to create a cereal bar using ingredients that are simple, whole and nutritionally rich and that have not been genetically modified.

Do the cereal bars contain sugar?

The Carrot Bar contains absolutely no added sugar, just the natural fruit and vegetable sugar that makes it so delicious.

Does the cereal bar contain artificial preservatives?

No, it contains no artificial preservatives.

Are the cereal bars suitable for vegetarian diets?

Yes, the Carrot Bar contains no animal-origin product.

Where are the cereal bars made?

We use 100% Swiss ingredients, and the Carrot Bar is made in Switzerland.

Ingredients: Oat flakes 46% [Swiss], sultanas, sunflower oil, carrot juice concentrate sunflower oil, carrot juice concentrate 7%, apple juice concentrate apple juice concentrate, cinnamon, orange oil

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