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All the benefits of cornflower in your beauty routine

Today, we're taking you on a discovery of nature's treasure, a delicate flower with a captivating blue hue: the cornflower. This little wonder, once found as a weed in wheat fields, is now celebrated for its many benefits for skin and body. Cultivated with care in our organic gardens in Valais, cornflower, or Centaurea cyanus, has become one of the star ingredients of many cosmetic products. Let's discover all its benefits for our skin and body 👇

A soothing and moisturizing effect

Cornflower, and more specifically cornflower floral water, is renowned for its soothing properties that calm sensitive and irritated skin. Its anti-inflammatory properties help relieve and soothe redness, inflammation and rashes. Its soothing and moisturizing properties soften the skin, making this plant a must for sensitive, tired or irritated skin 💆‍♀️

Rich in antioxidant flavonoids

Packed with antioxidants, cornflower helps fight free radicals and preserve the skin. It also has a firming effect that strengthens capillary walls and tones the epidermis. Its richness in flavonoids makes this superflower an ideal plant ingredient in the fight against skin ageing ✨

As beautiful as it is healthy

In addition to its benefits for the skin, cornflower is also appreciated for its relaxing and soothing properties. Used as an infusion, it helps to calm tension and promote restful sleep. Its edible flowers can also be used in culinary decoration or to perfume cakes 🥗

Our herbal tea with plants and flowers, including cornflowers, from our organic garden in Valais, relaxes at any time of day

These exceptional benefits for skin and body make the cornflower an essential flower at the heart of many ZiZAN!A products. You'll find it in our Flower Skin Power oil-serum, our beneficial Floral Herbal Tea, our Happy Hands hand cream and our Hydraphoria moisturizing face cream. Treatments that have won over our entire community. So don't wait any longer! Be seduced by cornflower and discover all its benefits for yourself 💙

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