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Discover the secrets of our ingredients at our open doors day !

saturday july 8th at our domain located in Les Evouettes

On July 8th, ZiZAN!A will be hosting its third open doors day event, an exceptional opportunity for you to explore our organic gardens and discover the richness of our ingredients. This event follows the tradition of our family main company, Zollinger Bio, which has been organizing this annual gathering for 39 years. With over 1000 visitors each year, the event provides a unique chance to explore our domain of over 200 varieties of flowering plants nestled in the Swiss Alps.

The program

You might be wondering where our upcycled ingredients come from and how they are produced. Well, look no further! During our open doors day, we will offer guided tours through our fields. With the Zollinger Bio team, you'll have the opportunity to discover all the stages, from production to seed harvesting.

In addition to the guided tours in our gardens, you'll also have the chance to attend various presentations showcasing our cosmetic range, learn how we upcycle Zollinger Bio ingredients, test our products, and engage in discussions with the ZiZAN!A team.

Prepare to be amazed by our bucolic gardens, where no less than 450 varieties of vegetables, herbs, and flowers are cultivated. A unique experience not to be missed ! 

Local artisans market

You'll also have the chance to enjoy an on-site market with our partner stands offering a variety of products such as natural cosmetics, organic beers, and responsible underwear. And for all the food lovers, there will be food stands and trucks offering delicious specialties right on the spot ! Tables will also be available for you to enjoy your meal, have a picnic outdoors, or simply relax in a friendly atmosphere.

All event details

Join us on saturday july 8th, at our domain located in Les Evouettes ! You can join guided tours available in French and German, with departures scheduled every 30 minutes and lasting for about an hour. We recommend wearing comfortable shoes and weather-appropriate clothing, as the tours will take you through our fields.

Opening hours: 10:00 am to 4:00 pm
Location: Route de la Praille 20, Les Evouettes
Getting here by transport or car: parking available at the entrance of the domain or arrival by train via the St-Maurice - St-Gingolph line

Registrations are not mandatory but they greatly help us in organizing this extraordinary event. We look forward to welcoming you at our open doors day ! Come with family, friends, or on your own, and share our love for nature and commitment to a sustainable future.

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