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How to use a solid conditioner ?

With our new Botanical Smooth & Shine

After months of development, we're delighted to introduce our latest addition to the ZiZAN!A family: Botanical Smooth & Shine solid conditioner. Handmade in Switzerland and formulated for all hair types, this new product complements our range of solid shampoos to give you the best natural care your hair deserves. We've worked really hard to make sure it lives up to your expectations, so let's find out more about this new treatment 👇

What is a solid conditioner ?

Apres-shampoing solide ZiZAN!A

A solid conditioner is an ecological and practical alternative to traditional liquid conditioners. It is formulated with concentrated, natural ingredients, pressed into a solid form. With no plastic packaging, it's more environmentally friendly, and its practical format makes it easy to take anywhere 🙌

Why you'll love Botanical Smooth & Shine !

Botanical Smooth & Shine is a concentrate of goodness for soft, shiny and manageable hair. Its formula, enriched with sunflower oil, coconut oil and kokum butter, nourishes, moisturises and protects your hair naturally and effectively 🌻

What are its advantages ?

Ecological 🌿

Its natural composition, free from harmful products, is better for the environment. So it's good for your hair and good for the planet. It also helps reduce plastic waste, as our Botanical Smooth & Shine solid conditioner is sold only in a recycled and recyclable cardboard box.

Practical 🧳

The format of our Botanical Smooth & Shine conditioner is very practical to take with you when you're on the move. No more leaking products in your bag ! What's more, its compact oval shape makes it quick and easy to apply to the lengths of your hair.

Economical 🧼

One of the many advantages of solid conditioners is that they are more economical than liquid versions, because they last longer. Our 50g format offers an average of 60 to 80 uses.

Botanical Smooth & Shine is suitable for all hair types

How do I use a solid conditioner?

It's very simple to use:

​1. Rub the conditioner with water directly into your hands or onto damp hair.

​2. Massage into lengths and leave on for a few moments

​3. Rinse thoroughly

A little tip: after use, place the conditioner on a soap dish to let it air dry. Avoid leaving it in contact with water to prolong its life 💗

Now you know all about our new solid haircare! So what are you waiting for? Say goodbye to the plastic bottles cluttering up your bathroom and opt for Botanical Smooth & Shine. Adopt a more natural, ecological and effective hair routine today 🌍

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