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Swiss Natural Cosmetics

The best skin care, with organic ingredients
from our garden, short formulas, no compromises.

Organic Ingredients
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Made in Switzerland
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Swiss Clean Beauty

All our products contain organic ingredients from our garden.

Upcycled Plants

Precious ingredients upcycled from our organic garden to avoid food waste.

Short Vegan Formulas

The less ingredients, the better! And of course, no nasties.

The Swiss #CleanBeauty concept

ZiZAN!A, the botanical revolution

Our idea is simple: we want to upcycle secondary products and avoid food waste by creating high-quality natural cosmetics.

We are committed to creating truly new products based on the pillars of the #CleanBeauty movement: short ingredients lists, full transparency and high concentrations of active ingredients.

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Our upcycling process

On our farm in the Swiss Alps, we produce organic seeds. But these seeds represent only a small part of a plant's biomass, and the rest was until recently composted

Using centuries-old extraction methods like maceration, we upcycle the plants' precious ingredients right into our cosmetics!

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Our products are developed in Switzerland with ingredients straight from our organic fields!


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