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Get the glow of a well-moisturized skin with our natural cosmetics full of organic ingredients



Our ZiZAN!A cosmetics will pamper your skin thanks to our organic ingredients. We grow our plants in the Swiss Alps and use upcycled ingredients to create truly magic textures that will convince you on first use.

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Simply good cosmetics for your skin

Our cosmetics are developed to give you a more radiant, hydrated and healthy skin ! All our products are dermatologically tested to ensure safety and effectiveness for all skin types, even the most sensitive.

For a waste-free world

At ZiZAN!A, we believe in the power of nature to take care of your skin. That's why our ingredients come mainly from our organic gardens. We do everything possible to limit our impact on the planet. Because the future of our planet depends on our ability to act collectively to reduce our ecological footprint. Together, we can build a sustainable future.

Swiss Clean Beauty

Developed in Switzerland with local ingredients


Cruelty free and no animal ingredients!

We care

Sustainable, minimal and recyclable packaging

Simple and effective cosmetics for all your needs

We offer a wide range of products to meet all skin care needs, whether it's to moisturize, nourish, cleanse or protect. Discover our collections below!

Award Winner

Our Clients Reviews

Published on January 6.2023 - Cindy
"I have sensitive skin and this is perfect for me! I love the texture of this gel on my skin."
Published on May 24.2022 - Louise 
"Zizania super shampoo! Nice to use and economical!!! The hair stays as if a conditioner had been applied! A real 10/10! I love it." 
Published on January 29.2023 - Marion
"This cream is just amazing. I don't think I'll ever be without it again. The smell, the texture and especially the benefits it brings to the skin. I love it!" 

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