Hydraboost Hair Revival - Shampoo Bar 100g
12.80 CHF 8.96 CHF 8.96 CHF
Ecological shampoo bar for normal hair, with blue linen from our organic gardens. Blue linen is known to bring volume, hydration and density to hair.

Happy Hands - Hand Cream 50ml
14.90 CHF 10.43 CHF 10.43 CHF
A truly innovative hand cream with Flax, Lavender and Cornflower. The blue flowers help protect and hydrate your hands. On application, discover the relaxing essential oils inspired by our organic gardens.
Hydraphoria - Plumping Moisturizer Face Cream 50ml
54.50 CHF 38.15 CHF 38.15 CHF
Hydrophoria is a true burst of hydration for normal to dry skin showing first wrinkles and fine lines. Nigella damascena and blue flax, the exclusive ingredients of our organic gardens, are mixed with fermented sugars (biosaccharide) to boost hydration and fight the early signs of aging.

A smooth, gentle, and soothing cream with a sweet scent of fresh white flower. Suitable for men and women.
Good Vibes from Tulsi - Soap 90g
9.80 CHF 6.86 CHF 6.86 CHF
Tulsi, or Holy Basil, is revered in India as the Queen of Plants for its purifying properties. We blend its leaves and flowers with precious lavender oil for this unique handmade soap.
Shampoo Bar - Travel Kit
11.80 CHF 8.26 CHF 8.26 CHF
Never miss our shampoo bar while travelling! Handy and light at just 25 grams and protected by its tin box, you're avoiding any problems with liquids at the security check at the airport. With just one product, you have all your body and hair wash needs covered!

This kit is composed of: 2 shampoo of 25 g and a soap box designed with our logo.

Hydraboost Hair Revival - Shampoo Bar 25g
3.80 CHF 2.66 CHF 2.66 CHF
Our solid shampoo bar has been developed from plant-based byproducts from our organic seeds. This way, we can reduce waste and upcycle our plants! Its rich foam and subtle fragrance combine for a great shower experience, without compromises.

Giftbox "L'Aromatique"
48.50 CHF 33.95 CHF 33.95 CHF
Le coffret complet pour tous ceux qui aiment se faire plaisir et prendre soin de leur beauté intérieure et extérieure! Il comprend les indispensables avec un support en bois d’Arolle.
Ce coffret contient :
• Le savon "Good Vibes From Tulsi" 75g à la lavande
• Shampoing Solide "Hydraboost Hair Revival", 100g
• La crème-mains "Happy hands", 50ml
• Notre tisane aux herbes bio: Inside beauty, 30g
• Le porte-savon en bois d'arolle, fabriqué à la main en Suisse
Wooden Soap holder
12.80 CHF 8.96 CHF 8.96 CHF
These soap holders are handmade from Arolla pine wood (Pinus cembra) 9 x 7 cm
Giftbox "L'essentiel ZiZAN!A"
38.50 CHF 26.95 CHF 26.95 CHF
Pour prendre soin de votre beauté intérieure et extérieure, c’est par ici! Ce coffret découverte comprend les indispensables avec notre shampoing solide au format voyage pratique.
Jamais deux sans... quatre !
Ce coffret contient :
• Le savon "Good Vibes From Tulsi", 75g à la lavande
• Notre shampoing solide "Hydraboost Hair Revival" en format voyage et sa boite de transport - 25g
• La crème-mains "Happy hands", 50ml
• Notre tisane aux herbes bio: Inside beauty, 30g
Giftbox "Voyage, Voyage"
68.50 CHF 47.95 CHF 47.95 CHF
Véritable source d’hydratation et d’éclat pour la peau et les cheveux, ce coffret vous suivra partout! Des formules uniques, sensorielles et surtout un ingrédient phare de nos jardins: Le lin bleu, un puissant hydratant et protecteur de l’épiderme.
Ce coffret contient :
• Soin Hydratant repulpant Hydraphoria, 50ml
• Notre shampoing solide Hydraboost Hair Revival en format voyage et sa boite de transport, 25g
• La crème-mains "Happy hands", 50ml
Floral Herbal Tea 30g
9.80 CHF 6.86 CHF 6.86 CHF
This herbal tea mixture has been with our family for years. Originally created as a gift for family and friends, we are now offering it in our catalog following the high demand. A delicious and relaxing mixture with seven herbs and flowers.

Ingredients: Scarlet bee balm, lemon balm, verbena, citrus thyme, pink cornflower, yarrow, blue cornflower. All ingredients originate from organic farming.
Organic Cereal Bar - Oats & Carrots 18 bars
21.05 CHF 14.74 CHF 14.74 CHF
Our cereal bar is made with Swiss organic oats and delicious carrot juice. Perfect for a little break or the get the energy for working in the garden!

Ingredients: Oat flakes 46% [Switzerland], raisins, sunflower oil,
Carrot juice concentrate 7%, apple juice concentrate, cinnamon,
Orange oil.