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17 eco-responsible and Swiss gift ideas for Christmas 2021

Stuck for Christmas present ideas this year? Don’t panic – we’ve got a great selection of local and eco-responsible gifts for men and women.

Stuck for Christmas present ideas this year? Don’t panic – we’ve got a great selection of local and eco-responsible gifts for men and women.

Beauty gift ideas

A ZiZAN!A gift box

A ZiZAN!A gift box is the perfect way to introduce friends and family to personal care items that are natural, environmentally sound, Swiss-made, and solid.

The set contains solid cosmetic products for hair and body care, as well as natural cosmetics for use on the face. ZiZAN!A cosmetics are made using recycled plants taken from our organic gardens in the Valais.

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ELI-O jewels

Jewels that are handmade to order in Geneva. Elisa first sculpts each piece in wax, and then gets them made in Geneva in recycled 925 silver or recycled 18-carat gold, using the heritage technique of lost wax casting.

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Jewels made of wood

These are bracelets made of wood that last a long time and are environmentally friendly. They are 100% customisable, and also make great medallions for our animal companions.

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Zero-waste gift ideas

ZiZAN!A shampoo bar

Christmas is the perfect opportunity to introduce friends and family to solid cosmetics. ZiZAN!A solid personal care products are just as effective as conventional ones. They’re extra-special because they are natural, and because there is transparency around the ingredients used. Products are made from plants taken from our organic garden in the Valais.

We love: Hydraboost solid shampoo, given a 9/10 score by Fémina.

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Household wipes from Les paillettes vertes

Give loved ones the tools they need to begin living a zero-waste life. The online store Les Paillettes Vertes features a comprehensive range of products to embark upon an environmentally friendly life.

We love: Le Carré - an all-purpose absorbent wipe that replaces kitchen towels and wipes made of synthetic materials. It means that there is no waste single-use paper, and that micro-plastics are not dispersed in the water supply.

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Decoration gift ideas

Hello Candle fragranced candle

Candles are quite simply a must-have for people who love decoration! Hello Candle makes candles fragranced with 100% soy wax that is guaranteed to be GMO-free, with fragrances based on natural extracts. All of that is hand-poured into a small recycled tin-plate pot at Yverdon-les-Bains.

We love: the Christmas Gingerbread candle, to prolong the Christmas feel beyond the 25th of December.

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Bouquet of dried flowers

Dried flowers are very on-trend right now – they don’t need extra care, they keep easily for decades, and they last for ages. These are ideal sustainable gifts for Christmas.

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Home and fleur ceramic dishware

It’s always great to have beautiful dishware in the kitchen, so we really went to town for this store that’s both online and in Zurich.

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Gift ideas for foodies

ZiZANIA herbal teas sold loose

Discover the fragrances of our Swiss mountains with ZiZAN!A herbal tea.

The herbal tea contains seven decorative flowers and herbs from our organic garden in the Valais - a great way to just sit back and relax. The ideal gift for lovers of tea and infusions.

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A box of healthy snacks

Place your order at Siradis, the online store that specialises in healthy snacks. You’ll find local drinks, vegan snacks, healthy cookies and kombucha here among other things.

You’re sure to find the perfect thing to please those around you.

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A coffee subscription at Green Gorilla

Give a little love to your friends or family every morning when you offer them some great coffee! Green Gorilla also sells bowl smoothies, home granola, and other hot drinks.

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A bottle of maple syrup

A perfect gift for anyone that loves doing brunch at home: a bottle of maple syrup for your pancakes.

Happy Maple syrup comes straight from Quebec, and is unprocessed – no colouring and no preservatives.

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A pack of artisan beers

Malternative beers are the perfect gift for discerning Epicureans who care about what they consume!

These beers are 100% Swiss and organic, and the organic malt is made using barley from Zollinger.

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Fit ‘n’ Tasty detox juices

Fit ‘n’ Tasty is a company located at Ecublens that makes cold-pressed juices.

They use fruit and vegetables with the highest vitamin and nutrient content sourced from the local area of French-speaking Switzerland. You can also get juice cures here.

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Gift ideas for sport-lovers

Organic Swiss cereal bars

Hikers and food-lovers alike will just love these Zollinger cereal bars made from oats and carrots – they’re an essential gift!
The organic bars are made in Switzerland, and contain just 7 ingredients – and there’s no added sugar in them, just natural sugar from the fruits and vegetables and no palm oil or aspartame. Discover the new generation of healthy bars!

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Environmentally friendly BJPW sportswear

For sports fans and lovers, give them a sports outfit made from recycled PET bottles.

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Yoga courses

Give one or more Yoga courses as a gift – there are lots of yoga rooms in Switzerland, as well as online courses.

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