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Behind the scenes of a shoot with >>venture>> and RTS: our experience

A day full of emotions and learnings

Incredible! ZiZAN!A has been selected in the >>venture>> and RTS competition for the Audience Award! Wow, what a success! Joined by Tulipan, our founder, and myself, Leticia, marketing and communication manager, we had an unforgettable experience discovering the secrets of such a large-scale shoot. Let's get started! 📹

What is the >>venture>> competition?

Since its establishment in 1997, the >>venture>> start-up competition has played a major role in supporting innovation and entrepreneurship in Switzerland. Thanks to the >>venture>> foundation, which has supported the competition since 2013, it highlights innovative projects in six key sectors: Finance & Insurance, Health & Nutrition, ICT, Industries & Engineering, Retail & Consumer Services, and NPO 🚀

One of the highlights of this competition is the Audience Award in collaboration with RTS, which offers a unique dimension. It allows the public to vote for their favorite start-up, giving the viewers the power to influence the fate of the participants. ZiZAN!A was selected for this award! Stay tuned and learn more on our social media platforms from June 12 🗓

A day full of emotions and learnings

☀️ Morning: Early wake-up call

6:30 AM: Departure from Les Evouettes. We are ready to embark for the EPFL campus in Lausanne. The warm welcome from the >>venture>> team and the film crew immediately creates an atmosphere of excitement and anticipation. We also meet the other participants and throughout the day, we discover interesting and inspiring stories and concepts.

8 AM: The first shoots begin. Each candidate competing for the Audience Award is filmed from various angles using a drone. It's a real technical feat! Tulipan, very comfortable in front of the camera, handles the exercise perfectly. Next is the group shoot, where the participants have to walk multiple times at the same speed towards the camera. It seems simple, but in reality, it's more challenging, believe me! During this first shoot, I capture the best moments, documenting every thrilling instant. This initial shoot concludes with a photo of Tulipan with the other participants 📸

10 AM: It's coffee break time and an opportunity for Tulipan and I to get to know the other participants better, as well as the >>venture>> team. The lively discussions were marked by the discovery of revolutionary concepts driven by the various start-ups present. A true source of inspiration and an opportunity to connect with innovative minds! Thank you for the exchange!

11 AM: It's time for Tulipan to rehearse his pitch before facing the merciless coach, Nanci Govinder. Final details are made before the presentation in the early afternoon. The pitch has to be done in English and in less than 30 seconds: an additional challenge! I take the opportunity to film and photograph these intense moments, always accompanied by our natural cosmetics 😉

🕛 Afternoon: It's pitch time!

1 PM: After a friendly lunch on the EPFL campus with the other candidates, it's time to present the pitch to Nanci. The candid feedback and constructive criticism pushed us to push our limits and improve our presentation. We were there to learn, and we came out of this experience stronger and more confident.

4 PM: The >>venture>> team was invaluable throughout the afternoon. Their expert advice and support allowed us to refine our pitch and benefit from meticulous preparation. Tulipan is now ready to face the camera once again ! 💪🏻 

5 PM: 3, 2, 1... Action! It's time for the final pitch shoot to try to convince the audience to vote for us. A stimulating exercise that tested our ability to convey our passion and innovation in a limited time, forcing us to be concise and impactful ! 📹

6 PM: It's the end of an intense day! We experienced a unique moment. The >>venture>> competition provides an exceptional platform to showcase entrepreneurial talent and innovative projects that will shape the future of tomorrow.

The ZiZAN!A team would like to warmly thank >>venture>>, RTS, and the film crew for this unforgettable experience! A big thank you also to the other participants for sharing their experiences, solidarity, and good spirits throughout the day. Join us on June 12 to discover the final result and vote for ZiZAN!A, of course! 😉

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