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Everything you ever wanted to know about the benefits to the skin and the hair of flax

Flax - also known as Linium usitatissimum – is a plant that is often used in cosmetic preparations and plant-based medicine. In the form of oil extract, flax has a range of properties - so let’s find out more about its benefits to the skin and the hair.

Great for softening and hydrating

Flax oil is taken from the seeds of the flower, and is highly acclaimed for its gentleness. It is very hydrating and it soothes sensitive or irritated skin, making it soft and silky and providing deep-down protection to the epidermis, creating a protective shield.

Skin that is more luscious

Flax oil is also acclaimed for its plumping power - it stimulates the synthesis of hyaluronic acid, allowing the skin to retain its elasticity. It is an emollient by nature, relaxing the epidermal tissue and reconstituting the hydrolipidic barrier. Flax also has a protective effect on the skin’s natural collagen that can prevent ageing.

Hydraphoria, a smooth, gentle, and soothing cream with a sweet scent of fresh white flowers.

Hair that is strengthened and protected

The sugars and proteins of flax extract are known to strengthen hair and to smooth scales. The mucilage – the viscous plant substance that is found in flax – forms an imperceptible film around the hair that hugs and strengthens the hair, protecting it from external harm.

But that’s not all! The plant is also rich in vitamin B5 that helps to hydrate and thicken the hair.That means that flax extract is an active protector that nourishes, strengthens and thickens hair. 

Hydraboost, a concentration of botanical substances

We created our solid shampoo using a vegetable blend made of enriched blue flaxseed enhanced from our organic gardens at Le Valais, together with gentle almond oil, shea butter and ricin oil. This vegetable blend protects, nourishes and strengthens your hair.

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All of these beneficial effects on the skin and hair are the reason we use flax oil extract in our treatments. You’ll find flax oil extract - that is taken straight from our Zollinger organic gardens – in our Happy Hands hand cream, our Hydraboost Hair Revival solid shampoo, and our Hydraphoria face cream.

Protecting your skin from the sun