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Natural anti-aging creams - do they work?

What ingredients, how they work and when to use

Natural anti-ageing creams: a reality!
These days, many people are looking for natural solutions to care for their skin and slow down the signs of ageing. Natural anti-ageing creams are an increasingly popular option, offering an alternative to conventional products loaded with synthetic substances. These creams are formulated with naturally-sourced ingredients such as plant extracts, vegetable oils, antioxidants and vitamins. Their aim is to nourish and protect the skin while stimulating cell renewal, to naturally reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

How do natural anti-ageing creams work?
Natural anti-ageing creams work by exploiting the benefits of the natural ingredients present in their formulation. For example, ingredients such as our upcycled tomato water, grape extract and alpine rose extract are known for their moisturising, regenerating and antioxidant properties. These natural compounds help to keep the skin hydrated, stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, and neutralise the free radicals responsible for premature skin ageing. By regularly using a natural anti-ageing cream suited to your skin type, you can help preserve the youth and vitality of your skin in a gentler, more environmentally-friendly way.

When should you start using anti-ageing creams?
The question of the ideal time to start using anti-ageing creams is often asked. In general, it is recommended that you start looking after your skin around the age of 30-35, as soon as the first signs of ageing appear, such as fine lines or loss of elasticity. It's also important to consider other factors, such as sun exposure, smoking, stress and overall lifestyle, which can accelerate the skin ageing process. However, each person is unique and there are no hard and fast rules. Listen to your skin and trust how you feel. If you feel the need for specific care to combat the signs of ageing, you can consider incorporating a natural anti-ageing cream into your skincare routine as soon as you feel it is appropriate.

At ZiZAN!A, we believe in the power of nature to care for your skin, which is why we offer you our Cosmic Youth anti-ageing cream, a natural and effective solution for a more youthful appearance.

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