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Our daily 3-step routine


#CleanBeauty in its purest form. Three products to cleanse, hydrate and protect your skin. 

Short formulas, organic ingredients, fantastic textures and subtle fragrance. Handmade in Switzerland!

Step 1 - Glow

Step 2 - Moisturize

Step 3 - Protect


Tonic Mist

Refresh and rebalance your skin

Wake up your skin and strengthen its natural defense thanks to prebiotics that will help to restore the natural balance of your skin.


Moisturizing Face Cream

Hydrate and regenerate

Our light moisturizing cream is highly concentrated in actif ingredients and fermented sugars. Thanks to its light texture, it will soothe your skin in the morning as well as in the evening.



Restore and protect

Thanks to its plant-based dry oils, our serum is absorbed immediately without leaving an oil film on your skin. It will protect you from daily stresses and pollution and will help avoid the drying of your skin.



3 simple steps

Your beauty routine by ZiZAN!A

Our Clients Reviews & Testimonials

J'utilise la crème hydratante tous les matins, et je l'adore! 🤩


"Excellents produits et j'ai une peau sensible, à tendance acnéique donc je recommande !"


"Superbe découverte! La brume est mon nouveau réflexe du matin hihi !"


"La texture du sérum est incroyable ! Pas grasse du tout, je la met meme le matin. Bravo la team!"


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 Swiss Clean Beauty

All our products contain organic ingredients from our garden

  Upcycled Plants

Precious ingredients upcycled from our organic garden to avoid food waste !

Short Vegan Formula

The less ingredients, the better ! And of course, no nasties !