Cosmic Youth - Anti-age face cream 50mL - COSMOS Organic


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Anti-aging face cream

Cosmic Youth - Anti-age face cream 50mL - COSMOS Organic
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Achieve younger-looking skin with Cosmic Youth! This rich cream hydrates intensely and improves skin elasticity. For normal to very dry skin.

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62.50 CHF

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85% of women who have tried it find that their skin is firmer, more elastic and regenerated

VEGAN (not tested on animals according to European and Swiss regulations and does not contain animal products of any kind)

95% recycled glass jar, recyclable. Paper label, recyclable cardboard case

Developed and produced in Switzerland with local partners

Key ingredients

Organic tomato water

Organic tomato water is recycled from our organic gardens. After harvesting our seeds, we transform the pulp into cosmetic tomato water, rich in an antioxidant called Lycopene, which prevents photoaging.

Grape extract

Recycled grape extract offers a triple anti-ageing action, improving cellular detoxification and hydration, and inducing the synthesis of collagen and hyaluronic acid, which plump up, boost hydration and firmness of the epidermis. This extract comes from the pomace, obtained during the wine making process, and contains the pulp, skin, seeds and stems of the fruit.

Alpine Rose

Swiss Alpine Rose or Rhododendron helps protect the skin's proteins from oxidation, prevents photoaging and restores the skin's resilience.


Shea butter is used for its epidermal softening and nourishing effects.


Edelweiss extract, with its antioxidant properties, helps to protect against oxidative stress (pollution, deleterious effects of UV rays) and plumps up the skin by restoring mitochondrial dynamism. With edelweiss extract, the skin on the neck is tightened, cheekbones are lifted and wrinkles are smoothed. The skin is lifted and firm.

Chamomile hydrosol

Chamomile hydrosol is rich in flavonoids, which gives it soothing, softening and healing properties.

Your best ally in well-aging!

You have normal to very dry skin? It feels thirsty and dull? Changes in your skin as you age are normal (and beautiful), but you may be looking for a well-aging ally. Cosmic Youth’s unique texture is a whipped balm, that melts into your skin and leaves a fresh, toned, cachemire finish. You will love the discreet and fresh fragrance of hibiscus. The skin is smooth, supple, plumped and nourished.

More radiant skin: it is more plumped, regenerated and detoxified*

Well hydrated skin: it is nourished and restructured*

Lifted skin less marked by the signs of aging: more elastic, firmer skin , wrinkles are reduced* 

(*self-assessment test on a panel of 20 volunteers)


Votre peau normale à très sèche est assoiffée et a besoin de retrouver de l'élasticité et de l'éclat? Ne retenez qu’elle, elle sera votre allié incontournable du well-aging: Cosmic Youth! Son incroyable texture est un beurre fouetté qui fond lors de son application et laisse un toucher de velours non gras. Le parfum d’hibiscus acidulé se fait frais et discret. La peau est lisse, assouplie, rebondie et nourrie. 

Une peau plus éclatante: elle est plus repulpée, régénérée et détoxifiée

Une peau bien hydratée: elle est nourrie et restructurée

Une peau liftée et moins marquée par les signes de l’âge: plus élastique, plus ferme, les rides sont atténuées* 

(*test d’auto-évaluation sur un panel de 20 volontaires)


Du hast eine normale bis trockene Haut, möchtest die Hautalterung verzögern und sehnst Dich nach Glanz und Geschmeidigkeit? Dann ist Cosmic Youth Deine erste Wahl. Sie hat eine ausserordentliche Textur: sie ist luftig-leicht wie Schlagsahne und schmelzt auf der Haut ohne einen fettigen Film zu hinterlassen. Das dezente Hibiskus-Parfüm bezaubert, und sie sorgt für glatte, geschmeidige und wohlernährte Haut.

Die Tests* beweisen: es gibt weniger Anzeichen von Hautalterung, und die Haut fühlt sich geschmeidiger und wohlernährt an.

(*Selbsttest an einem Panel von 20 Freiwilligen)



Here at ZiZAN!A, we design all of our products with a minimalist mindset for use in the day and at night. That’s why our Cosmic Youth anti-aging cream can be used as a day cream and as a night cream. For daytime use, our cream is rich and non-oily. 

Night-time application means that the precious ingredients get the chance to infuse your skin throughout the night. 

Our anti-aging cream was not developed specifically for that.

Yes, our anti-aging cream Cosmic Youth is COSMOS Organic certified: 99.9% natural ingredients and 34% organic.

Our formula is specially developed for normal to very dry skin, complies with current regulations on cosmetics, and has been dermatologically monitored and tested.

Generally speaking, our cosmetics are good for two to three years after production, and the printed expiry date will say that. The product should be used within 9 months of opening.

Does your cream contain allergens or controversial ingredients ?

We develop our cosmetics with a Clean Beauty attitude using simple, vegan formulations. We do not use controversial ingredients. The natural origin of some essential oils and ingredients may mean that they are allergenic.  

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