Happy Hands - Hand Cream 50ml
14.90 CHF 14.90 CHF 14.9 CHF
A truly innovative hand cream with Flax, Lavender and Cornflower. The blue flowers help protect and hydrate your hands. On application, discover the relaxing essential oils inspired by our organic gardens. COSMOS Organic
Self-defence floral cocktail - Mist toner 100ml
31.50 CHF 31.50 CHF 31.5 CHF
Our refreshing spray, for all kinds of skin in need of balance, protection, and radiance. The famous “glow” is something every woman longs for and this mist toner makes it possible!

Hydraphoria - Plumping Moisturizer Face Cream 50ml
54.50 CHF 54.50 CHF 54.5 CHF
Hydrophoria is a true burst of hydration for normal to dry skin showing first wrinkles and fine lines. Nigella damascena and blue flax, the exclusive ingredients of our organic gardens, are mixed with fermented sugars (biosaccharide) to boost hydration and fight the early signs of aging.

A smooth, gentle, and soothing cream with a sweet scent of fresh white flower. Suitable for men and women.
Flower skin power - Oil-serum 30ml
65.50 CHF 65.50 CHF 65.5 CHF
The cornflower petals of our gardens are poetically glazed in serum made of premium quality vegetable oils. The botanical ingredients provide the skin with all the elements necessary for its balance and comfort. They help to nourish and protect the skin.
Suitable for all types of skin, even oily. Suitable for men and women.
The texture is light and velvety, complemented by a gourmet fragrance of plum frangipane.