Wooden Soap holder
12.80 CHF 8.96 CHF 8.96 CHF
These soap holders are handmade from Arolla pine wood (Pinus cembra) 9 x 7 cm
Floral Herbal Tea 30g
9.80 CHF 6.86 CHF 6.86 CHF
This herbal tea mixture has been with our family for years. Originally created as a gift for family and friends, we are now offering it in our catalog following the high demand. A delicious and relaxing mixture with seven herbs and flowers.

Ingredients: Scarlet bee balm, lemon balm, verbena, citrus thyme, pink cornflower, yarrow, blue cornflower. All ingredients originate from organic farming.
Organic Cereal Bar - Oats & Carrots 18 bars
21.05 CHF 14.74 CHF 14.74 CHF
Our cereal bar is made with Swiss organic oats and delicious carrot juice. Perfect for a little break or the get the energy for working in the garden!

Ingredients: Oat flakes 46% [Switzerland], raisins, sunflower oil,
Carrot juice concentrate 7%, apple juice concentrate, cinnamon,
Orange oil.