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Floral Herbal Tea 30g
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This herbal tea mixture has been with our family for years.

Originally created as a gift for family and friends, we are now offering it in our catalog following the high demand. A delicious and relaxing mixture with seven herbs and flowers.

Ingredients: Scarlet bee balm, lemon balm, verbena, citrus thyme, pink cornflower, yarrow, blue cornflower. All ingredients originate from organic farming.

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Highly infused formula 
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A blend of the plants from our organic garden at Le Valais in Switzerland.

All the plants in our tea were selected by our family-run business Zollinger.

This relaxing tea made from plants from our organic garden…will suit you down to a tee!  

Click on pause, and up comes the blank screen. No more alerts, and your tea is infusing as you relax into your bubble of mindfulness. Chill out, so you can better reconnect. Here’s to your wellbeing, and to your inner peace. The secret?  ZiZAN!A herbal tea : healthy, peaceful, free of theine.

The world keeps on turning, but the smoothness of the lemon balm protects you while the thyme and the verbena calm you down. All is well.
Our herbal tea is available loose in 30g sachets – great for the planet!